Heroes don’t fly, they sit down. They sit with things, go deep into them and have a strong yearning to uncover the underlying truth beneath them.


Definition of a hero:

Someone who doesn’t run away, but sits with things— Rima.

The coward, on the other hand runs away and gets distracted with everything and anything (food, drugs. alcohol, shopping, you name it). The hero stays and sits between his feet and waits.

So here I am getting my knees all scraped kneeling for you, so I can get my point across.

Go deep into one thing, and you will know everything.

20160608_1183The hero sits with whatever comes at it, good or bad. He doesn’t run away, and doesn’t try to avoid anything by loosing himself in distraction. The hero sits and welcomes everything that life is giving to him, because he understands there is a reason for it; usually whatever is happening here right now, is to make him stronger and happier.

So today I invite you to stay with whatever is itching your mind and heart, so that you are able to sit with it. It’s ok to feel on your edge sometimes, and the trick is to become comfortable with that edge, enjoy the challenge, and breathe with it.

20160608_1175From the Jivamukti Yoga book:

There’s really not much difference between the hero and the coward: they both feel the same fears and anxieties. However, the hero acts in spite of these fears and anxieties, whereas the coward turns AWAY from action and gets distracted. The hero seeks to break the chains of his/her partial illusions, whereas the coward lives in denial .

The hero doesn’t run away but rather sits with and invites the discomfort in. The hero doesn’t act out of reaction.

“I’ve decided to stick with love; hate’s too heavy a burden to bear” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

20160608_1153If you try to replace pain with some other distraction, then the pain or discomfort will linger with you for a longggggg time, because it’s more painful to avoid pain, than to feel pain itself. It’s better to look at things in the face.

If you are feeling something that is uncomfortable or painful and is bringing you to your edge of tolerance, don’t just react and go out and have a crazy night because then the next day you will still have the pain from what was there in the first place PLUS a hangover. So just feel the first thing (whatever it is that you’re dealing with in the first place), and soon enough you’ll realize that when you sit with it; when you give yourself a moment to be with it, then it will go away pretty fast, because it will have gotten a chance to go through you.


Life has to go through us; experiences have to land and they have to take a home inside of us, so that they can then be released.

I’m not just talking about painful experiences, but the good ones too! Let them in, let them settle inside, have a moment with them, sit with them, and then let them go. The only way to live is by living through. Let life pierce you; that’s the hero’s way of living and that’s how you become a hero yourself.

20160608_0956Get to know the middle, the center, the balance, the grace, the happiness, the joy that exists in the space between the extremes of reaction.

Let’s become heroes and learn to sit with things by being open, brave, and vulnerable . Don’t try to make things harder than they already are or easier than they already are. Be with what is, and enjoy its edginess.20160608_1418And then maybe you can let go of the red cape too.


Photos: Sandra Arenas