This is a very special time of the year; a time to reflect and re-locate ourselves in the timeline of our lives.

A time perhaps to re-envision things, to recharge, and to change if we feel that change is in fact necessary. Change is the utter-most natural aspect of our human nature, and of nature itself.  Sitting in my apartment in Brooklyn, looking ahead into the Holidays and traveling (apart from getting nervous because I always feel that way before change) I began to reflect on the concept of change, of freedom, and wildness, which are all aspects that I associate to travel. I realized that feeling alive, wild and free are aspects that are the most vibrant and alive within myself when I don’t move around so much, when I don’t travel, and when I get to stay and sit with imp (43 de 71)I’m not saying that when I travel I don’t feel free, but there is this special kind freedom that comes about when I get to sit with things, when I get to explore myself in the inner vertical journey;  when I get to question and jiggle around my own feelings, thoughts, notions and preconceptions about imp (34 de 71)Just as adaptogen mushroom(from the previous post) support help our body adapt to external change, it’s essential to support ourselves to cultivate openness and space for inner change to take place. Self evolution is all about how well we are able to shift and adapt to change inside and outside ourselves; how well we are able to constantly engage in the process of re-programming, re-defining, and re-writing our story. But we have a tendency to resist change, and we hold on tightly to our beliefs, ideas, and notions because we don’t want anyone to mess around with all that our ego has put so much effort in building . We fear that things will fall apart if we let go and if we give into change and if we allow for things to turn upside down and inside out. However, I’m here to tell you to support change, and don’t resist it because every time we resist something a block is created and we become stagnated, unable to move and flow happily through life.

final imp (22 de 71)The weather has been changing a lot in New York: from warm to cold to warm again, and what do we do? We adapt to it. We dress accordingly, and we let the weather shape us. The same happens with life: every moment is new and we are constantly taking in experiences and people that shape and change us.

We have to continuously update our mindset and re-syn our minds to our hearts. Become consistent with self inquiry. Keep a journal and write; write whatever is in your mind and in your heart.  Be brave and be open for things to change; for your views about certain things to change. Self evolution takes place when you devote yourself to it, and when you are so brave, that you can go into every little corner of your being, and ask.. what is this all about? What is this view on this particular subject all about? What is this emotion all about? How do I feel about him/her/that?

It’s nice to feel that we can always reprogram ourselves, that we can always start new, and that there’s always time and space for newness. In relationships our roles constantly change: sometimes we are the one who’s more in power, and all of a sudden the next moment we feel weak, stepped over and a victim. It doesn’t really matter, because we just have to let things and events flow in and out of us as we watch it all happen to get the lesson out of it. It requires bravery and courage to be humble and let life move us; to bow down our heads and say “let it be”.final imp (38 de 71)

If we have it all under control (because we live in fear), then we miss the excitement of living. Let’s not get trapped in the chaos of our head; in questioning, analyzing, and trying to calculate and figure everything out. Simply go back into your body, open yourself, lay down on the grass, feel the sun on your face, and OPEN yourself up.

Become wild inside. Being wild has nothing to do with being able to go to the rainforest or to Burning Man. Wildness is really about taking a ride to the wild places inside you.

I think there is nothing more freeing than to create space inside for everything to shift and move around in the wildness of our human nature.

Be brave and open; explore your ability to feel wild and connected to nature even if you’re in New York City, and you’re not going anywhere for the Holidays. See how you can connect with nature everywhere because no matter where you are the sky is always there, the trees are always there, and the patches of green around Manhattan and Brooklyn are also always there. It’s just a matter of opening our eyes to them. It’s just a matter of being WILLING to see it all and re-wire our city-driven minds and realize that we belong to nature simply because we are standing on planet earth right here right now.

final imp (65 de 71)

Let’s reconnect with our inner and outer wildness. Let’s reconnect with nature, and let’s adapt to it. Look up at the sky today, feel it and forget about the fact that you live surrounded by concrete, but rather search for the green patches. Find refuge there, and ultimately find refuge in yourself: in your own ability to change and morph.

Surrender to the rhythm of change— to the movement and shifts that happen inside. Press the restart button this New Year and be willing to see newness in every moment.


Photos by : Cass Federy

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