Nacemos en blanco.

Empezamos limpios, con el lienzo blanco.

Venimos con claridad; con frescura.

Nacemos con toda la posibilidad de colores tonos y matices dentro.

El color blanco es el color que nuestros ojos ven cuando un objeto refleja TODOS los colores a la vez. Es decir, el blanco son todos los colores juntos.

Esto quiere decir que somos en esencia color blanco brillante que refleja todos los colores.

Venimos llenos de pureza blanca con el color en posibilidad a ser expresado y reflejado.



We come to the world as a white canvas.

We come with a very unique clarity and freshness.

We come with bright white light inside that wants to be expressed and shined OUT.

Color theory states that with light, the color white is the color that your eyes get when an object reflects ALL color.

Which means that if we agree that we come as an untainted white canvas,  within that whiteness also exists the possibility to reflect ALL color.

And by color I mean inner color: aliveness, emotion, sensitivity, creativity, struggles… in other words, your talent; your own unique way of living in this world. All of that is contained within that white color with which we start out. We come with all the colors and the ability to start painting our own  canvas (or life), and that of others.

We are born with the right to reflect our own colors, whatever shade or intensity these may have, out into the world.