We paint our faces with makeup

We cover our bodies with clothes

We fill up our bodies with food (this includes chia puddings, smoothies, fruits and green juice)

We think of color as something that exists outside of us; something we want to put on and bring in, and so our lives become a mission to adorn, cover, and correct ourselves by hiding under layers of foundation, powders, silicone, fabric, tints, muffins and sugar; not letting anyone see our real, pure, and bright colors inside. We have become a never ending project of fixing and layering.

*3_1168We want color in our lives, but we search for it in the wrong places; we search outside of us, hoping that some of that pink frosting or eye shadow will magically make us feel brighter inside, and it will for a little bit, but not for very long.

We mistake the outside extravaganza of delicious food and wine with the inner food that truly makes us shine. But we can’t live our lives hiding behind layers, pretending we are those layers.

5_1537Just as there is color in fruits and flowers, in clothes, shoes, makeup and nail polish, we too are filled with color, and our job as human beings living on this journey is to remember and re-discover the colors that live deep inside of us.

The color of the world is there to remind us that color exists, and just as it exists on the outside, it can exist inside of us. The real trick lies in our ability to USE the colors of the outside world to SPARK new colors and forms of life within us. The outside colors are a reflection of our inner colors, and vice-versa.

I think it’s time to look for some lasting color in our lives; some sort of shade that we can cultivate and make brighter with time (and practice).

Don’t fall asleep

_DSC0230Wake up

5_1327It’s time to see more clearly who you are.

Strip it all out.
Get it all off.
Reverse the process.
Wash your face and let go of the mask.


And by color I mean inner color: aliveness, emotion, sensitivity, and creativity;in other words, anything that is real to you and allows you to reveal your talent; your own unique way of experiencing the world.We come here equipped with all the colors and potential to paint our own canvas (or life), and that of others.

But where do we find the colors?

We have to let go of the ideas that we’ve created and gotten to believe about ourselves. We have to leave ourselves alone. We have to let go of the self-consciousness, of the inner critic, and of the self-judgement.

We have to strip away the layers of ideas of who we think we are, so that we can start to live and experience the bright colors we really are.

3_1222Once we start to color in our own life, then we can start to paint some colorful strokes on the lives of others, but it’s not the other way around.3_1167

If we make the decision to start painting our lives from the inside, maybe music will start to play in our hearts, and we will feel each note resonating inside our bodies. Maybe if we create space by letting go of the old vision of ourselves, we will start to feel new light seeping in. Maybe if we become more playful and don’t take things so seriously, then every moment will become infused with fresh new tones and new filters through which we can experience reality.

Maybe then our hearts and souls will start to dance in colorful tones that we’ve never seen or experienced before.

_DSC0320Make your life a living MEDITATION. A continuous act of consciousness. Whatever you are doing, just do it consciously with alertness and awareness; don’t do it mechanically. When you move with consciousness there’s grace, and when there’s grace there’s color. Whatever you are doing, even if its just breathing, then BREATHE CONSCIOUSLY.  As you take every breath in remain alert, and as the breath starts moving out, remain alert.

Meditation is not something separate from life.

It is something that has to be spread all over life.

Your whole life has to be colored by it.


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