I’ve got news: Peeling In morphs into CómoComo TODAY.

Many of you have read (I hope) my Peeling In blog sometime in the past. Peeling in is the point where I started in my search for wellness, and a healthy relationship with food: a state of SHEDDING or PEELING away old layers, in order to go IN. Since then and after lots of exploration, studying, writing, cooking, un-cooking, and a huge desire to unmask the secrets of being WELL, (not just by being phsycially healthy, but actually living authentically happy and fulfilled) I arrived to the concept of CómoComo.WEB1

CómoComo is a blog about HOW to eat LIFE (as it translates to spanish Cómo= How, Como= EAT). Yes, there’s also a section in the blog for WHAT to eat (QUÉ COMO) where I write about specific foods and nutrition, but most importantly this blog is about HOW YOU EAT, which also acts as a metaphor to HOW YOU LIVE. It’s about exploring how to gain MORE life into your life. Peeling In was about shedding away the stuff we no longer need: the heavy, the sad parts, the frustrations, the extra weight; it was a process of letting it all go in order to go IN… Now, after the peeling and shedding have created space (and we will continue to create space), it’s time to inject it with life. Shedding (Peeling In) and gaining (CómoComo) go hand in hand and are both equally important.

WEb 2At this point in my life, and where we’re at as a (conscious) collective, I think it’s crucial now to focus on the concept of HOW to fill our lives in ways other than shopping, eating, drinking, iphoning, instagramming, facebooking, and all the other ones (you know what I mean). 

We are a very hungry society but we are just not feeding ourselves the right way.  

We think we will solve everything by having a green juice every morning or by doing a cleanse every once in a while, but I hope you’ve come to realize that its not true. I’m interested in SUSTAINABLE practices, in incorporating habits in my life that will have a lasting meaningful effect, not just a quick fix. WEB 3

Good nutrition lies in HOW you eat: how you feel when you’re eating, what thoughts you’re having, whether or not you’re enjoying your meal, whether or not you’re scared you’ll get fat, if you’re stressed thinking about your next meeting, and on and on. All this mind chatter, stressful, survival mode behavior affects our metabolism and our ability to absorb nutrients. Nutrition and nutritious food is useless if we are not able to absorb and metabolize it. The same goes with life: it becomes meaningless if we are too distracted, too caught up on things, too blind, too much in our heads, that we miss it; we miss our chance to absorb it fully and be here. 

WEB 4CómoComo is exactly that: an exploration on how to eat and how to live. It’s about finding ways to tap into yourself and find the real food you are hungry for, by becoming aware of the parts of yourself that you’ve  always been looking for.

Because being healthy is more than just having spirulina every morning.

So hi everyone! This is ComoComo: an invitation for you to feel not JUST healthy, not JUST fit, not JUST light… but lightly nourished from deep within.

Because you know what? We are fucking lucky to be alive.

WEB 5So please. Start to eat life. Start to absorb life. And in the meantime, let’s also play in CómoComo.