Here, some post-Thanksgiving anti-inflammatory power for you.

Simply put, Turmeric is the BEST ANTI-INFLAMING aid (yes for face, puffy eyes, and overall body swelling from the heavy Thanksgiving food and drinking), relieves all sorts of joint pain, improves digestion, tames heartburn and an upset stomach, protects and stimulates the liver to detoxify, it is super-antioxidant, and is said to even fight depression and repair brain cells.

Curcuma longa (I love the latin name)  has long been used in the Chinese and Indian medicine systems as an anti-inflammatory agent to treat a wide variety of conditions, such as headaches, arthritis, allergies, and menstrual cramps. It was traditionally called “Indian saffron” because it gives curry its deep yellow-orange color and has been used throughout history as a condiment, healing remedy and textile dye.


Also known as ‘haldi’ in India, turmeric and has been used for many generations as a “magic spice” for flawless skin, and strong beautiful hair. It’s said to provide a “youthful glow to the skin” thanks to its anti-inflammatory powers which reduce the signs of aging, exfoliate dead skin, clear the skin and ease eczema.


Turmeric and beauty:

  • First of all, turmeric detoxifies the liver, which naturally brightens and clears the skin. (When your liver is hampered with toxins, your skin appears puffy and congested.)
  • It is effective in treating acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which disinfect the skin, fight pimples and breakouts.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce redness from blemishes and rosacea.
  • Improves skin elasticity: turmeric’s antioxidants helps stimulate new cell growth and keeps the skin looking young, supple, and fresh.
  • Lightens pigmentation: Applied topically, turmeric is said to lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone. This is the reason why many natural skin care brands use it as an active ingredient.
  • Prevents hair loss: Curcumin (component in turmeric) can inhibit the activity of growth TGF beta, which causes the death of hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Turmeric mixed with honey and milk can (basically my recipe below) can be extremely beneficial for hairloss!
  • Treats dandruff: Dandruff and other scalp issues can be treated by applying a mixture of turmeric and olive oil on your scalp before taking a shower. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash off the mixture with a natural shampoo. It removes dandruff by increasing circulation in the scalp and providing nutrition to the hair follicles.

2015_11132015-63Turmeric’s powerful health benefits are all thanks to the its most active ingredient, curcumin which apart from being a powerful anti-inflammatory, also interferes with several important molecular pathways involved in cancer development, growth, and spread, helping to block cancer growth and decrease tumor size.

In a recent study conducted to evaluate the effects of turmeric on the liver’s ability to detoxify xenobiotic (toxic) chemicals, the researchers commented, “The results suggest that turmeric may increase detoxification systems in addition to its anti-oxidant properties…Turmeric used widely as a spice would probably mitigate the effects of several dietary carcinogens.”

This Indian spice is really a gold mine for anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antioxidant properties. I love to drink it in tea, or in this delicious GOLDEN MILK (check out the recipe here).

Try it out!


Photos: Sandra Arenas

Food Styling: Fernanda 

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