I’ve been thinking a lot about this word: half-heartedly— of doing things half-heartedly and living half-heartedly.

Every time I come back to New York after the holidays I realize how easy it is to get sucked in this vortex of coolness and nonchalant-ness that busy people have here; of being thick skinned, indifferent, cold, and collected human beings. We unconsciously choose to become numb out in order to have peace of mind; we block experiences out so we don’t have to deal with the burden of having to feel them. But in doing so, we miss out on life’s richness.

Think about it this way: if we become desensitized from the “bad”, we will also become desensitized from the “good”. Sensitivity is not selective; either you’re awake and feeling everything, or you’re asleep and not feeling anything. The more we allow outer life to affect us (good and bad), the more inner life we will cultivate, and the happier and more engaged we will be.

When we get used to numbing out, internal and external life stops touching us; as a result, we seek pleasure in food, alcohol, or drugs because we simply are in need of FEELING SOMETHING.

Just as we block experiences out, we also lock experiences in; we keep in our inner emotional life because we fear that if we let something out, we will uncontrollably spill ourselves out. But in doing this blocking out and locking in, we start to get used to living a perfunctory, flat, cold, unauthentic, and uninteresting life.


There is so much life in life already; it’s just a matter of waking up our receptors in order to realize it and take it all in.

Let’s claim back our ability to find full enthusiasm, interest and energy in life.

Let’s open up our hearts again.

Let’s not just be cool about everything (the weather is already cool enough here).

Let’s find some fire.

DSC00839-4We only have so much time on planet earth, so let’s make it worth our while. Commit yourself to show up for your life no matter what by putting your heart into things. Make a conscious decision to be up for the journey, whatever it may bring.

Take a moment and ask yourself: How are you going about your life  Are you living half-heartedly? Do you get bored or tired easily? When you wake up in the morning, do you make a conscious decision to give all you’ve got? And can you, from now on promise yourself to give your full attention, intention and your whole-heart into everything that you do and come across in your day?

I know that doing this is really hard, mainly because we think too much; our minds get complicated, and we get lost in our thoughts, which many times just take us on a downward spiral. The mind is pretty powerful because it can make us think that she’s actually right. So how do you tell your mind to shut up if she’s the one that just wants to talk ? We have to instruct her and get her a teacher: the heart. The heart has to teach and calm the mind down.

DSC00860Yoga poses are really powerful because the outer shape that your body takes can profoundly affect your inner shape: how you think and feel inside.

Allow the shape of your body to re-shape your mind, right now. Put your head down (the haunting thoughts down) and lift your heart up, so that you can see the world under a more loving light.

Get into FISH POSE.

Matsyasana or Fish Pose is a counter-pose to shoulder stand, and it contains a deep message in its shape: it is a pose of offering, of openness, of sweetness, of receptivity, of bringing the heart center up, and the head down, rooting down from the base of your spine. That’s the thing: we have to place the head down, in order to lift the heart up. This pose physically and energetically opens up the chest (heart chakra) and the neck (throat chakra), opening us to love and communicating our truth into the world. Put your head down– literally, and begin to speak, move, and do from the heart.

DSC00852-7How to get into FISH POSE:

Basic Alignment: Press your elbows into the floor, arch your chest, and lifting your head off the floor, slowly lower the top of head to floor. Draw attention to neck length, chest expansion and lengthening of your lower back. Shoulders should not shrug, don’t sit on hands; instead allow hands to be free to reach further along the floor toward feet, as the chest opens more.

If this is hard, you can also use a rolled up mat or blanket under upper back.


Let’s live whole-heartedly like Matsyasana teaches us: with our hearts open so that we can be complete, earnest, committed, and enthusiastic people, free from all reserve, fear and judgement.

Let’s live from a place of unconditional love.

Let yourself be touched by the outside world and be moved inside.

Pay attention to detail, go deeper, and inquire.

AND put your heart into it.