This post is inspired on an OSHO talk.

We only plan. We worry about the future; that is how we live.

However, whether we know it or not, we cannot be anywhere else but here and now.

Wherever you are, it will be here and now.

In life, you are given only one moment at a time.

And most of us are wasting that moment for planning or worrying about the future. 

The future never comes. What comes is always a HERE-NOW.

Life is a series of NOWs . One now/ another now/ another now.

But we go on desiring, planning, worrying about the future, and life keeps disappointing us. But in truth, it is OURSELVES who are planting the seeds for disappointment.

We ought to realize that in worrying about the future we are wasting the present, and slowly living in this state of continuous worry will become our second nature. We will get used to living with a cloud of worry that hangs over us and covers up the present moment.

When the future comes, it will come as present, but because of our habit of worrying about the future, we will also waste that moment worrying. And like thiswe will go on worrying our whole life about the future, and only stop when death comes and takes away all possibility of future from us.

We could have lived, BUT WE ONLY PLANNED.

OSHO SAYS: live as intensely and totally now

Because the next moment will be born out of this moment.

If you have lived it totally and joyfully you can be absolutely certain that the next moment will bring more joy, more blessings.

Stop the habit worrying about the future.

IF YOU KNOW HOW TO LIVE; if you know how to live joyously and dancingly in this moment, then your tomorrow will also be full of dancing joy.

It is the miserable man who plans for future because his present is so sad that he wants to avoid it, and doesn’t want to see it. He thinks about tomorrows and that good days will come. He has a long habit of transferring life for the future; of postponing living for the future.

But even if we try, we can’t BE in the future, ever. We can’t jump out of today and reach into tomorrow.

Even if you are planning for tomorrow, that too is being done here and now.

EXISTENCE allows only this MOMENT, this SPACE of HERE AND NOW.

In your hands it is always the present. PRESENT is the only time you have and NOW is such a meaningful word.

NOW is your whole life: now has stretched from our birth to our death. But it is always now.

I cannot be anywhere else other than here.

Wherever I am that place will become here.

We have to be CLEAR about this; if not, life will pass slipping from your hands like sand and soon we will have empty hands, and meeting death with empty hands is an UTTER failure.

MEET your life filled with joy, silence, and serenity.