I do it too; I chew a lot. No, not my food.. my thoughts. And I’m not talking about positive thoughts either; those are good to snack on and savor, but I’m talking about the anger, jealousy, judgement, and fear that we unconsciously let melt in our mouths, and then chew on for long periods of time.

Many of us have a tendency to ruminate on our negative thoughts and feelings. We let them in, we turn them over in our mouths, and we chew, chew, and chew them until our heads hurt, our jaws feel stiff, and we feel sick.

You know the times when you get mad at someone, and after some time passes and the resentment has faded away , but your mind is still telling you: don’t forget about it, be mad, yes, you should be mad, yes, you should STILL be mad, say your point, show her you’re right, and be strong. Your mind replays the whole scene over and over again, so that the rancor and resentment just keeps building up. All of a sudden you’re furious; in fact, you’re even more furious than when the incident actually happened! It’s like we force the poison to circulate through our system until we let ourselves become completely invaded by the feeling, and then we cant get rid of it.

But it just takes so much strength to hold on to anger, bitterness, and resentment! It’s heavy.

We only have so much strength, so let’s not waste it in carrying things around in our minds and hearts that only pull us down. Let’s not put so much effort to keep the feelings of resentment, grudge, and hatred alive inside of us.

Let’s turn them around, and inversions help. Like I said in my previous postthe outer shapes that we put our bodies in can profoundly affect our inner shape: how you think and feel inside.


When we turn our bodies upside down, we are literally turning our world upside down. If we could get used to that feeling of having our world turn upside down, then it would not be such a drama when our lives all of a sudden turn upside down. If we turn things around voluntarily and regularly, it’s less of a shock when that happens without warning.

Inversions also give us a fresh perspective and point of view on things; they allow us to turn things around and view them in a more honest light. They helps us change our attitude and see things in a way that perhaps we weren’t able to see before.

DSC00924In reversing our relationship to gravity, we get the chance to reverse our relationship with ourselves and with others. Inversions also help us overcome our fears and express our energy upwards.

According to the Jivamukti Yoga Book, inversions are the most potent asanas, mainly because the head is placed below the heart.

From the Jivamukti Yoga Book:

Physiologically , inverted postures reverse the internal dynamic pressures that affect blood flow, endocrine function, bone formation, muscle tone, connective tissue, waste removal, and organ function, including brain chemistry. The effect of gravity is reversed, and to compensate for that reversal, the body must make dramatic internal changes.

Shoulder-stand is a very simple kind of inversion in which you purposefully place the head below the heart and lift your legs up to the sky. This posture also brings your head closer to your heart, allowing you to really listen.

DSC00920 DSC00919

DSC00912Shoulder-stand should be held for a minimum of 5 minutes so that certain chemical secretions can be released from the glands. Master glands such as the pituitary, pineal, and thyroid will be stimulated.


Stagnation is the poison that the plow removes so that new growth may appear from the earth.

HALASANA (plow pose):

The heart can get heavy from too much rancor, judgement, grudge, jealousy, resentment or fear that we keep inside.

Just like plow, the farming equipment used to dig into, break, and turn over soil to prepare it for planting, Halasana helps remove stagnation in the heart, and prepares our inner ground and soil so that we can plant new seeds in our lives in order to live steadily and joyfully.

Until we choose either to turn everything upside down and get a fresh perspective on things, or really make an intention to carve out the negative emotions, these will keep circulating though our minds and bodies and keep intoxicating us.


Whatever we give our energy or attention to, it gets stronger. When you feel a limitation, don’t focus your attention on the limitation, because that will only direct your energy towards the tendency that created the limitation in the first place.

Instead, reverse the process, invert it, and see things from the opposite direction. Then get close to your heart, and stay there listening to what it has to say.

In the cave of the heart, there is only one sound.