The purpose of this interview section on CómoComo is so that in reading other people’s stories you can take a look at your own. We are complex emotional beings and the wires of our emotions are intertwined with the wires of our appetite. So often do we mistake that which we want from life, with what we end up putting in our mouths.

CómoComo is about how we feed ourselves not only on a physical level, but on an emotional, psychological, and soul level too.

Jess Hannah’s interview is an invitation to become more aware of how we take in life, and how we express it.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetCheck out Jess Hannah’s  interview and get curious about your own mind-body-nutrition!

In relationship to life:

  • I’m a jewelry designer based in Downtown LA.
  • Name 5 things that feed you in life other than food. Design, art, knowledge, fashion
  • What are you hungry to express in life and how do you do it/ plan to do it? My creativity. My jewelry line is an incredible outlet for this. I love how each season or year I have the opportunity to express how my personal taste or style has evolved. I am not the same as I was when I started all of this and I think that is really starting to show in my upcoming collections. I don’t want to be a one trick pony just because I started a certain way, I like having the opportunity to evolve and grow as a person and designer.
  • What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? Breakfast! And a long to do list.
  • Do you consider yourself a morning person? Do you move slow or fast in the morning? I love mornings and like to take a little extra me time to have some tea and do things slowly and not rush.
  • Do you look at your phone as soon as you wake up? Yes, but I know I shouldn’t. I would like to make it a habit that if I want to look at my phone I need to get out of bed and do it on the couch or at my desk.
  • Do you have any morning rituals? Is there anything you must do every morning to start off right? Yes! Even though I often work from my home studio, I always get up and get dressed instead of working in sweats or something. I also always make a tea and breakfast, I like to have a relaxing morning while reading the news or emails. This is my me time.

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  • What gives you energy? What time of day are you the most energetic? Breakfast! Probably late morning/early afternoon
  • What helps you focus?/ keep your energy going during the day? Making lists and checking off as I go. I find it gratifying as well as motivating.
  • What drains your energy? Not enough sleep.
  • What is your exercise routine? How many times a week? I do circuit training twice a week and try to do a third day of cardio or something different. I live downtown and walk a ton too. AND I just got a dog, so even more walking.

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  • What is your nighttime routine like ? How do you wind down? Is it easy for you to fall asleep? I like to shower in the evenings because I prefer how my hair looks after I sleep on it. And it feels nice to get into bed squeeky clean. Winding down can be hard for me sometimes, I’m always thinking about work and it can be hard to turn my brain off. Sometimes the only thing to do is watch a mindless tv show to give my brain a break.
  • Take a look at yourself by stepping outside yourself: What is your natural tendency/reaction when any of the main 4 emotions (see below) come up and how do you manage them? (Do you quickly get them off your chest? Do you keep them to yourself? Do you retract away from people? Do you become more social? Do you exercise? Meditate? Yell? Dance? Eat?)
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Happiness
  • Fear

Coming from a very expressive jewish family I am incredibly emotionally aware and confrontational. If you know me, you likely also know how I’m feeling. I tend to tackle issues head on instead of letting them simmer. I find the best way (for me) to deal with things is to talk about it, get it off my chest so I can move on. 

I do also find that exercise keeps me generally happier and in a good mood, it gives me “me time” and time to think about things other than my days to do list.

  • What do you do when you feel off balance? Go for a walk or exercise.
  • When you are looking for major answers, where do you look? (Any go-to books, people, websites, mentor, friends, spiritual master?) My mom is all of the above. She was a bra burning feminist in the 70’s and then wen’t on to be a psychiatric social worker and then professor of social work. She is retired now, but holds a wealth of knowledge from her life experiences and is one of the most compassionate and all around bad ass ladies I have ever met. She’s been through everything and back so she always gives the best advice when I need it.Custom Name320

In relationship to food:

  • What’s your favorite meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner? Breakfast, no question.
  • Is there anything you must have in the morning to start off right? Is that what you have every day for breakfast? Always tea. Always breakfast. The menu changes though- sometimes eggs, sometimes oatmeal with fruit sometimes other things.
  • When’s the next time you eat? Snack or lunch
  • Do you drink coffee? No because I have acid reflux. Although I like the taste and sometimes sneak sips of other peoples.
  • What do you eat for breakfast on the weekends? How about when you travel? I like pretty much any breakfast food, I’m not picky. Eggs, pancakes, oatmeal – I’ll have it all.

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  • What time of the day do you snack? Any late-night snacks? If I had an early ish dinner I get super snacky in the evening. I have a major sweet tooth.
  • Do you eat fruit every day? What are your 3 favorite fruits? What time of day do you usually eat fruit? Yes! choosing just 3 is tough! I love berries, pineapple, pears. I think I like all fruits other than papaya, don’t love those.
  • What are your 3 favorite veggies? Cooked or raw? I like to snack on raw veggies with hummus or ranch. I think I prefer most veggies raw, I like crunchy Bell peppers, carrots, cucumber.
  • What nutrition rules/ theories do you live by, if you live by any? Moderation is the key to success. I try not to follow and type of diet and just eat what makes me feel good with the idea of health at the back of my mind.
  • Do you follow any specific diet/ lifestyle? Not really. Just try to generally make healthy choices when possible.
  • Do you consider yourself a fast eater, moderate eater, or slow eater? Moderate maybe? I have never really noticed either way so I think that’s the likely bet.

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  • Do you eat until the point of feeling full? In what scenario do you tend to overeat? Occasionally I’ll overeat sweets or if I like something so much that I am eating too fast and don’t stop to notice if I am full or not.
  • Would you say you tend to eat more when you’re out with friends or eating by yourself? Maybe more out with friends because at restaurants the portions tend to be bigger and you have more time to talk and eat in between, it’s more drawn out and for fun.
  • What are 3 pick-me-up foods (expansion foods) that give you energy, excitement, and a lift up? Green juice, green tea, nuts.
  • What are 3 foods that calm you down (make you feel safe), and act as a sort of comforting, energetic hug. Chamomile tea, matzo ball soup, anything Hungarian that my mom makes.
  • What foods/flavors do you gravitate to when you feel any of the 4 main emotions below? Do you feel more hungry or does your appetite go away when these emotions come up? Honestly I had to really think about these. It’s not often that I stop and think about my emotions and how they tie in to what I am consuming.

    Happy – unsure

    Angry – probably not too hungry if I’m angry

    Sad – sweets, carbs/comfort food

    Fearful – carbs maybe?

  • What do you eat/drink when you feel off balance? I guess I would gravitate towards healthier options like fruits and vegs if I was feeling off.
  • What puts and end to your meals? I love to end my dinners with a dessert. Lately I’ve been having berries with whipped cream or coconut milk ice cream. I told you I have a sweet tooth 🙂
  • What is your favorite dish in NYC ? Name the dish and the restaurant? Just tried the Dragon bowl at Cafe Henrie, it was really tasty!

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Photos: Alexander Neumann