In yoga, there’s a pose called Hero’s Pose or VIRASANA.

This is how you get into it. 20160608_1058

  • Come to hands and knees.
  • Bring inner knees together, and feet apart.
  • Before bringing your seat down, with your thumbs you can grab the muscles of your calves and slide them down in the direction of your feet and out. You can bring your forehead to the floor in order to do this.


  • Sit in between your feet, on the floor on or a block. If your sit bones don’t reach the floor, then place a block or rolled up blanket. Make sure knees are together, or only slightly apart. Feel your sit bones connected to the floor, block, or rolled up blanket. Both sit bones must rest evenly.
  • FEET shouldn’t turn in our out, but extend straight back. Toes should be pointing straight back, so look back and make sure there is a straight line from center of your heels to the space between your 2nd-3rd toe.
  • You can press your thumbs on inner heels and energetically lift and roll out. OR press palms of hands agains outer balls of feet in order to ground upper foot. Press all toe nails DOWN.
  • Extend the spine. Straight spine, sit bones in the same line as crown of head. Picture a straight line from the base of pelvic floor to crown of the head, and then from the crown of the head up to the sky.


Reclining hero’s seat/ SUPTA VIRASANA

  • If you have no padding underneath your seat, you can go ahead and RECLINE BACK SLOWLY
    • Draw knees together, take your arms behind your feet, fingers facing forward.
    • Bend the elbows until you come to your forearms.
  • By pressing down through your forearms inhale lift your seat up, extend the bottom lower ribs/ tailbone towards your knees, and recline BACK. You can repeat this a few times: inhale lift the pelvis up and extend the tailbone towards your knees, exhale you recline back, until your upper back and head are on the ground.
  • You can also place the crown of your head to the floor, without impacting your lower back.

20160608_1198To get out of the pose

  • If your reclining press down through the elbows and slowly bring yourself back up, without twisting the spine from one side to the other.
  • inhale come to hand and knees.

Sit with life.