Feeling SLOW-uggish?  Want to loose weight but all those diets and crazy cleanses just seem waaaaay too much ?

Here,Try this. Its simple.  Have some fun.

The F word. Fun. And being turned on by life, greatly impacts your metabolism.

Metabolism rises to the occasion. Quite literally. When you are having fun, truly enjoying yourself, feeling butterflies in your stomach and shooting rays of light through your eyes, metabolism picks up on that, and it picks up its pace.

When you feel excited, breath quickens, blood pumps harder throughout your system, and you burn more calories.

So… yeah. This means that you can skip the workout today and truly indulge in an activity that makes you feel just  h a p p y .

Think about it: you need oxygen to burn anything, right? So when you breathe in more,  when your body has more oxygen, you can burn more. When your body gets excited, you quite literally BURN more calories.

For me, this happens when I dance. When I am sweating, heart pounding, I breathe more, I feel my soul rising, my mind clearing.. happiness creeping in, warmth invading my whole body and I arrive AQUI. 

And I’m not talking about my run-of-the-mill, casual conversation with friends kind of fun, though that’s all well and good, too. I’m talking about dance-for-six-straight-hours, sweat staining my shirt and hair stinging my eyes, feet sore and voice hoarse, sense-of-self lost to the rhythm of the music kind of fun.

Which just leads me to say, that there’s nothing more satisfying than the meal after having had real fun. The post-fun meal. That moment when you can truly relax and enjoy. The moment when you are in a metabolically turned-onstate. .

TIMING.  Timing is an interesting thing. It’s tricky, and you can see its effect everywhere. I see it a lot in dating. It so happens that there’s that first person who falls in love and really desires the other person, but that other one doesn’t quite pick up on it. Then, some time passes, and when finally  the second one wants to dive in now, then the first one seems to have lost interest. Ugh. Sad.

Well, something similar happens with eating.  We tend to eat when we really don’t want food, and we don’t eat when we really  want food. You know the drill. So many times we simply eat when we are not hungry at all, just because it’s lunch time, or because we’re upset and craving sugar, and then ugh we feel stuffed, and ughh a lot of tightness in the stomach. Other times we are really ravenous and want to devour anything that passes in front of us, but we strap our control straps really tight and restrict from eating because we are following some version of diet or cleanse, and no, I shouldn’t eat because I’ll gain weight,  no, I shouldn’t eat because I’ll get fat, no, I shouldn’t eat because I’ll feel bad about myself. And so we get really anxious, we step into a stress response, and we still eat (because the body always wins), but we eat with a big GUILT and I FAILED kind of feeling.

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HOWEVER. What happens when you’ve had fun and really enjoyed yourself and then eat? It may be that you’ve been dance-turned on, or painting-turned-on, or composing-music-turned-on, or simply being creatively turned-on; whatever turns YOU-on, when you’ve had it, then some real full power force comes to digest, assimilate and calorie burn your meal.

When we fully embody, magic happens. When we are ready to take the world in, when we fully accept to be here, when we arrive in this body, metabolism rises. When the body feels aroused, metabolism picks up it’s pace and kicks-in full force.

In other words, when we get on-board with life, the body gets on-board metabolically.  It COMBUSTS.

So remember, have some fun, feel your body, wake her up, and eat. And if losing weight is in your interest, it will be guaranteed.