It’s very important that when you’re watching my MILK video (click here to watch) you’re not thinking: So? Does this mean that dairy is not good for you? Is she saying that I should stop eating cheese and yogurt? Should I not eat ice cream because then that means I’m acting like a baby?

No No No.

If you do think its about that, then you’re missing the point and this is why I’m RE-POSTING this video with an explanation to clarify that: I’m not talking about whether or not drinking milk is good for you. Who knows? Maybe having organic yogurt and KEFIR is a really good thing for you! Or maybe you love goat milk (like I do) or you really enjoy having amazing artisanal cheese… Great! But perhaps that same yogurt that you love may not be so good for your boyfriend,  your sister, or anyone else you know, and that’s ok because every digestive system is very unique, like your fingerprint.

I think it’s necessary that for a minute we step away from this obsession with the question of:  WHAT SHOULD I EAT? That quick-fix I need to fix myself something-is-wrong-with me — kind of mentality.

Instead, let’s explore HOW can I go deeper and see how the things that I eat could be a reflection of how I live? (at the end that’s what ComoComo is all about!) .

When you eat, ask yourself:

  • Do I feel guilty of what I eat?
  • Do I space out and don’t pay attention to my food because in reality I don’t allow myself to have what I truly want?
  • Do I really enjoy and take pleasure from what I eat?
  • And finally.. How does WHAT I eat (the food choices I make) reflect how I feel?

Make it an exercise to start watching and recognizing YOUR own eating patterns.

For now, I’ll focus on MILK— In this video I’m showing how our attraction to cream (and the amazing comforting feeling it brings) comes from a very primitive pleasurable experience that we had when we were babies: when we were born, we drank our mothers milk and it was our first experience of nourishment, love, pleasure, and connection.

FullSizeRender-435Our ice-cream and dairy cravings (seen from a psychological and emotional point of view) are therefore an unconscious attraction to the need to nourish, take care of ourselves, and be soft and gentle with ourselves. But when we can’t do that or can’t get that in our lives because we are too busy, distracted, and in our heads all day, then we reach for the closest approximation: a symbolic substitute. We use food to fill in the gaps and holes of what we are truly missing. THIS is the real reason why creamy foods like ice cream and cheese and yogurt are SO powerful.

We try to medicate ourselves with food when really, our symptoms are screaming at us to a little look deeper. “

We seek for  immediate solutions, quick fix methods to alleviate our emptiness and anxiety but of course, these provide only temporary relief. Because lasting solutions recquire self reflection, sincere effort and time, we often grow impatient and want to change NOW.

So, we reach for the closest approximation, a symbolic substitute, in this case milk for nourishment, milk for love, milk for warmth, milk for softness, milk for feeling, milk for tapping in, milk for hugging ourselves. And then we become used to having our latte every day, ice cream at night, and cheese all the time.  To the point where we then MUST have these for peace of mind.

Ask yourself: Do you drink milk? Yogurt? Cheese? Ice cream? How about almond milk? Soy milk? Hemp milk? Rice Milk? Coconut milk? I know so many options we have these days, right?


If you don’t like any of these, why don’t you? And if you do, what do you feel when you drink these? What sensations come up? How do you feel inside?  If you could dive a little deeper… how does that feeling relate to your life right now?

An attraction/addiction to creamy foods and milk usually have something to do with:

  • How much love you’re letting into your life (how open you are to love).
  • How well you are taking care of yourself.
  • How gentle or how hard you are being on yourself.
  • How much pleasure you’re actually getting from life.
  • How well you are nourishing your inner deeper self.
  • How well you are listening to your own voice, your gut feeling, your own intuition.
  • Whether or not you are giving yourself what you truly need right now.
  • Whether or not you are giving yourself that warmth, comfort, and nourishment that we usually search for in comfort foods.

This MILK video also points at how our addictions to certain foods ultimately can be a guiding force and teach us whether or not we are truly connecting with ourselves right here right now. Addictions usually have to do with a part of ourselves that we’ve shut down and are not willing to see closely. Because of our inability to see it, we attempt to cover it up with substances such as food. Addictions and compulsions thus can act as a sign that there is something beneath our skin that needs a voice. 

Our unwanted symptoms, cravings and addictions are really screaming at us to look deeper. They are calling at us. They are saying: heyyy look here you have this strong craving! I’m calling your attention, look at me. Or hey,  you got some extra weight! Look at this issue.

Simply put, when we can’t get it inside, we search outside. So many times we are just not able to give ourselves what we truly need emotionally, so we search outside and get lost in a world of distractions which then become compulsions.

We can become addicted to ANYTHING that can distract and take us far away from our fears and from taking the leap into loving ourselves; into becoming our own warm embrace.  I guess this happened very early on in our childhood, as we pulled ourselves up and out of our bodies, only to get lost in our heads. Being that disconnected, we lost trust in ourselves and in life.

The problem with all of this is that then life can become a series of temptations and falling into and out of addictions.

FullSizeRender-439Really, I think that at the end of the day this life is about SELF EVOLUTION; we are here to evolve and to rise up to the next level. We have come equipped with the ability to become aware and conscious of everything that we do. When we are able to see ourselves completely, with our faults, our compulsions our addictions, and our weaknesses… when we are able to take responsibility for what we truly need, THAT is real self-evolution. Everything is connected and as we evolve as spiritual beings,  our body will also heal and step itself into a higher level of function, digestive capacity, and efficient metabolic power.

When we mask our feelings with food (stuffing our face with cheese ice cream) what we are ignoring is the issue at its root, and the root is you. You are looking for you… YOU WANT YOU!

Our intense attraction to dairy really tells us about our desire to be and feel that milk on our own skin. Literally to be in that warm milk (like me in the bathtub!).




Behind the Scenes of Milk video:

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