Nora’s (dreamer, poser, player) nutrition rules are based more on how she eats rather than what she eats: (duh, the perfect first CÓMOCOMO interview)

“I think that whatever you eat, the most important is to eat when you’re relaxed, sitting down and able to concentrate on food. It’s not always possible of course. Atmosphere, even temperature level and music is important to me.”

When I interviewed her, I really wanted to ask her about her food routine because I thought it would be interesting to explore what a model like her really eats. For some reason I had this idea  (like many of you who have this same misconception of models) that she had a very hidden secret way of eating, exercising, and a very specific psychological connection to food that allowed her to restrain from eating, but soon after interviewing her I realized that it was in fact, the complete opposite. Nora EATS, and most importantly she truly enjoys food and eating consciously (which is where the real trick lies).

We had an amazing VLT roasted cauliflower sandwich at Cafe Henrie (chosen by her).


Roasted cauliflower, morning radish, cabbage & tahini with a side of poached egg

In Relationship with Life:

How do you start your day?

If I don’t have an early call time, I go for a run by the river. It’s the best way to start the day, clears the mind and gives me lots of energy.

Do you look at your phone as soon as you wake up?

I do, it’s a bad habit.

Do you have any morning rituals?

I try to put my music on straight away, feel that it makes a big impact on my mood. I have lots of water (often with some lemon) and great cup of coffee.

Is there anything you MUST always do (other than food) before you leave home?

Shower. I also have to feel good in what I’m wearing, otherwise I’m not myself all day.

What do you tend to do when you feel vulnerable?  (do you eat, go for a run, talk to someone, etc)

I’ve done all of those, depending on a situation. Running and close friends help the most. Eating doesn’t, but I still do it when I’m stressed.

DSCF8327-2Who or what pushes your buttons? (What are the triggers that make anger, jealousy, or fear come out?)

Doesn’t matter the situation or people I’m with, it all starts in me. Lack of sleep, hungover or too much coffee (especially all of those together) are the biggest triggers.

What do you do when strong emotions come up:

  • How do you manage anger? Go for a long run.
  • Hoy do you manage sadness? Running, good friends, change of a space or atmosphere, shopping.
  • How do you manage fear? I often write down my feelings and make a little plan of how would I deal with things I’m afraid of and what could I do to prevent them. I like to also write down of all the great things I have in my life besides that fear. It makes me see a big picture rather than concentrating on one problem.

When you are looking for answers, where do you look? (any go-to books, people, website, spiritual master?)

I often think of people that I admire and think what would they do.

What do you want most in life?

Good health, love and self expression.


Of course Nora helped me out with the model/ self expression moves in this photo

In relationship with food:

What’s the first thing you eat in the morning on a week day and around what time?

Porridge, usually about half our after I wake up, after shower.

Do you drink coffee?

Yes, it’s a big addiction.

DSCF8319Is there anything you must have in the morning to start off right?

A lot of water.

When’s the next time you eat?

I love snacking, so usually in few hours.

Is that what you have every day for breakfast?

Usually, but I also add eggs, nuts, fruit.

How about the weekends?

Depends how late the night before was. ☺ I have crazy cravings if I’ve been drinking and didn’t get much sleep. I love a good omelet for brunch, with plenty of vegies and often salmon.

How about when you travel?

Depends where I’m staying, but if I’m cooking myself I’d have the same, I love my comfort food. Except if I’m in places like Germany, where I have lots of great bread. Or if I’m somewhere exotic, where I want to try local cuisine.


Do you usually snack? If so, what are your favorite snacks?

A lot. Nuts, fruit or anything that’s around.

What’s your favorite food for lunch? ?

I have different things for lunch all the time. I love good salads or dishes with tofu, fish, whole grains and vegies.

What’s your favorite food for dinner? 

I love grilled fish, especially salmon, also a nice glass of wine. It depends where I’m eating, but if place doesn’t have fish I’d go for other types of seafood or vegetarian dishes.

Do yo tend to eat anything after dinner?

Yes, I know people say its bad but I often have fruit after meals.

Do you have any food allergies or any food groups that you avoid?

No food allergies, just never liked red meat.

What was your favorite food as a child?

Can’t remember anything in particular, but we had a lot of potato dishes in Lithuania. I loved ice-cream. Not anymore, it’s interesting.

Are you a fast eater, moderate eater, or slow eater?

I probably eat too fast most of times.

What nutrition rules do you live by, if you live by any?

I think that whatever you eat, the most important is to eat when you’re relaxed, sitting down and able to concentrate on food. It’s not always possible of course. Atmosphere, even temperature level and music is important to me.

DSCF8364What are your favorite foods?

Seafood, tofu, oats, fruit.

What are your 3 favorite fruits?

Green apple, guava, papaya.

What are your 3 favorite vegetables?

Tomato, broccoli, sauted spinach or other green leafy vegies.

Do you enjoy food?

Very much so.

What’s your favorite restaurant to go to in NYC? 

I like my local Kiki’s at the moment.

What are 3 foods you always have in your fridge.

Eggs, fruit and vegies.

DSCF8357If you had only one day to live what would be your last meal? 

Grilled salmon with roasted vegies and a glass of Malbec. But it’s much more important who I’m having it with.

Do you eat until the point of feeling full?


What do you have as a late night snack?

Wine, haha

What puts and end to your meals? Do you drink coffee? tea? dessert? cigarette? 


Would you say you tend to eat more when you’re out with friends or eating by yourself?

It depends more on how I feel, if it’s a good company, what I’m eating etc. If I’m at a boring party, I’ll end up eating more to entertain myself with food.

You mean, that if it’s good company you eat less or more?

I’ll eat more in a stressful environment. But If I’m comfortable and with people I love, I’ll stop eating when I’m full. Of course, If it’s something very tasty I’ll eat way more and if it’s something I don’t like, I won’t eat even if I’m hungry.

Do you prefer to eat by yourself or with people? 

I love eating by myself and drinking with people


Is losing weight a concern for you? Has it ever been? Do you ever restrict yourself with food?  

I’m lucky and never really needed to lose weight. But I naturally love healthy food and exercise, which is probably why.

When you’re alone, do you eat more when you eat out at a restaurant or at home?

At home. I tend to have more food even after I empty my plate, as I still feel hungry. At a restaurant I can’t do that and have a minute to sit down and digest before I feel full.

When you eat at home, where do you usually eat and how do you eat? (do you stand in front of the fridge and eat directly out of it. Do you eat in your room? Watching tv?  In silence? Sitting down? 

I always eat sitting down and either in silence or calm music. I never watch tv and try to put my phone away while I’m eating.

3 pick-me-up foods that you eat when you need energy, excitement, and a lift up.

Coffee, nuts and fruit.

3 foods that calm you down, and act as a sort of comforting, energetic hug. 

Warm foods, like soup, tagine or grilled fish.


There you have it: no matter how tall, how short,  how fat, or how skinny you are, we all face life and food in very similar ways. We all struggle, we all have our days when we need to be fed emotionally, and we all carry a beautiful vulnerability that shouldn’t be taken for granted.