I emphasize IN  because most times we are OF the world. What happens outside owns and consumes us. We are sort of in a hypnotic spell of distraction.

There is so much to look at, think about, and do lately. It’s too much, and not enough time for any of it, really.

We are in a constant state of delusion, hypnotized by our jobs, relationships and, well for some of us, by food. We constantly worry about what should I eat? Should I go on a cleanse? Should I be vegan? WIll Paleo make me loose weight? Is almond milk even good for me? What about soy? Ugh, but I have such intense cravings… and on and on all that anxiety that goes along with the question of: WHEN WILL I GET MYSELF FIXED UP AND RIGHT?

Magazines, blogs, brands, Instagram… literally FILL every corner of our minds. Brands just don’t know what to do anymore to get into the crevices and dendrites of our neurons.

We think we are sexy and smart because we can consume the world, but really it consumes us. Our energy is getting zapped through our eyes, our ears, and our taste buds every second.

But rarely are we IN the world. Here. Now. Rarely do we absorb THIS. Rarely do we make a conscious decision to be present with ourselves, or with anyone else for that matter.  It sounds like it would be too much of an effort, too hard, that one would have to become vegan, or a yogi or some sort of ‘spiritual’ being.  Why not just chug a glass of wine or a beer and numb myself away. Why not SCROLLLLLLL through instagram, and please please may all the photos of people I don’t know or really care about take my thoughts far far away from here, from myself.

We don’t think about it but really, the way we act, just shows our UNWILLINGNESS to be here; to be alive. People commit suicide not because they want to be dead, but because they don’t know how to live. It’s a serious problem, and we just don’t see it. We have become so blind!

We’d rather just slip away into some other reality as we drink and do drugs or get sucked up into our addictions (food included).

We literally wrap ourselves in a veil of delusion and self consciousness.

We lock ourselves frozen in our self-consciousness, unable to come out and meet the moment or the people around us.

If you think about it, self consciousness should be a beautiful word; it means that you are aware of your self, of YOUR HIGHEST SELF. What do I mean by highest self? It’s who you are, it is that which naturally shows up when you throw everything else that’s in your mind RIGHT NOW out the window.

We have forgotten, in a very deep way, who we are. And this is sad.

But it’s simple. We are just afraid of our own power and our own ability to make ourselves happy. We fear that if we become completely present in this reality we run the risk of being too at ease, too joyful, too content, and no one has ever really taught us that. In fact, no one has really told us that we even deserve that.  We have to complain or feel wrong about something, all the time. Nothing is ever quite right, and we cling to our past dilemmas and repeat them over and over again. We get ourselves into the same types of relationships and frustrations. We become addicted to the imperfectness of it all, and we focus there, and we loose our energy there.

Lets make the world ours. Lets be IN it.



That’s it. Feel your feet connected to the ground below you. Breathe and feel where you stand. Become aware of your connection to THIS reality. It’s the only one we’ve got, so get into it. Sink into it. And maybe you’ll rise.