I believe that in order to live well (to be happy and at ease with most things), we must become aware of where our attention goes day in and day out. Whatever we pay attention to in the outside world, will eventually become part of our inner world. That said, our GENES, are constantly changing.. yes, our genetic code CHANGES in accordance to external stimuli from our surroundings. We are literally being re-programmed constantly at a celular and genetic level by what we are exposed to, and what our senses receive: the conversations we engage in, the music we choose to listen to, the energy of the places we go, the emotional maturity or immaturity of the people we hang out with.. everything, EVERYTHING leaves an imprint, which later can become a habit, and then even compulsion or addiction.

So WATCH. Become aware and very curious about WHERE your attention goes.

I know it’s hard, given the world we live in where everything pulls our attention in every different direction shape and form: ads in the streets, noise of cars, clothes on mannequins, loud people, instagram feeds, products we must have, foods we must eat.. and on and on you can continue the list.

My friend Jason Silva said this which is VERY TRUE: we live in a world where information is cheap, and attention is very expensive.

No wonder theres so much ADD in the world…No one know s where to place attention because there is so much information coming at us constantly. Just as noise pulls us in many directions, it also numbs us out. We deal and live with a lot of NOISE in our lives that we’ve gotten used to, and eventually shuts down our sensitivity.

So how do we reclaim our ATTENTION back? How do we control it so that we can focus on things that actually matter in our lives?

I’ll show with you a quick way: eat in silence.

In order to see how we play out the big parts of our lives we have to pay close attention to how we do the little things, like for example, eating. We do it every day, at least 3 times a day, so why not start practicing conscious presence with it? Why not take this opportunity of eating to refine our attention by breathing deeply, relaxing, and simply taking in the experience of eating to be there with yourself? Why not turn the ordinary into extraordinary?

FullSizeRender-387Silence brings ease to the senses and creates an environment where awareness and perception can grow and expand. Silence works as a restart button for you to re-focus your attention. You don’t have to be a Yogi or a Zen Master to meditate. Anyone can do it, as long as you are breathing deeply, you have your attention focused on one thing, and you start to watch yourself: your thoughts and where your mind goes. Begin to watch your inner world, and become quiet inside.

Eating by yourself face to face with your plate allows all of your attention to go to one thing: the act of EATING. Uninterrupted focus allows you to be fully present in that moment so you can begin to watch yourself; to watch where your mind goes. That is the first step to meditation.

FullSizeRender-386An expansion happens inside when we are face to face with ourselves. Eating in silence allows you to tap into this vast internal space, making you feel more comfortable in your skin giving you the ability to see things more clearly. When you create moments of silence in your everyday life, more space is created inside so that you can expand into inner peace, love, light, and be able to see more clearly the colors of your life.

Remember: the ideal environment for conscious attention is SILENCE.


FullSizeRender-391Actions become habits only if you practice them, so rehearse SILENCE!

  • Eat alone and in silence with no distractions at least once a week. Start to practice the simple action of reclaiming your attention; of making it yours. WILL EAT YOU

Become conscious of the little things.   Curate your environment so that your external world looks and feels the way you want your inner world to be. Every little part, moment, and detail count.