We are all too familiar with this saying of “you crossed the line”.

But what happens when the line crosses you? That is, what happens when you unexpectedly find yourself in a situation that you didn’t ask for? What if life takes you by surprise and shows you AGAIN that you can’t really control anything, and that in fact it is better that way?

We are constantly trying to DO something, to control and to maneuver life to be on our terms. Truth is, many times things WON’T be on our terms.

What do you do then?

STOP, and bring your mind to a halt.

Say what??

Custom Name273YES! Take a step back. STOP.

Stop the push and pull, and just watch.

Allow life to unfold before your eyes to show you this moment even if you think that “this” is not necessarily what you want; if it’s happening it’s because it is necessary too.

This is an opportunity to watch, to become aware, and to re-direct.


What if we remove the stress of wanting things to turn out a certain way? What if we realize that life’s unpredictability is way bigger AND BETTER than what our minds (which only know about the past) can create for us? What if we let the moments in our life flow through us without expectation, need, or clinginess? What if we remain open to surprise?

It’s great to have ideas and goals of course, and to have a direction of where you’re going, but then it’s even more important to let all of that go and become fascinated with the present moment– with whatever is happening to you right now, good and bad.

Make the choice to trust life a little more.  Inject your veins with a little more faith, a little more trust in yourself, and become certain that you’re on the path of what you’re meant to be.

Wanting life to be on our terms all the time can be really exhausting and disappointing because it simply won’t be that way.

We are meant to be surprised and challenged by situations; if not, then what’s the point? We have to cultivate flexibility and humility in order to take in change and let the good AND THE BAD shape us.

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Don’t fight the “bad” things, because if you start fighting now you won’t ever finish fighting. Look at most people around you: they’re probably complaining about how things didn’t turn out as they wanted to. But what if you decide to not be one of those, and instead you take a step back and become more receptive to the teachings those uncomfortable and unpleasant situations are giving you?

If we only live in search of pleasure and avoidance of pain we will inevitably suffer, and become really unhappy beings. Life has every shade and color, and we just have to accept them all and use them in order to bring ourselves more into the light.

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If the line crossed you, meaning that if life took you to a place that you didn’t want to go, then this is the moment and the best opportunity to turn things around by FIRST noticing what’s happening.

The problem is, we are full of ideas and projections about how things should be; how people should act, how things should work, and how things should look. Our minds are packed with this so -called perfectionism that there is no space for newness, and for things to suddenly change completely. There is no space for fun; for inner fun. I’m not talking about going out one night and having a crazy party. No, I’m talking about real fun; the kind of fun we should be having every day as soon as we wake up, just because of the fact that we are alive and LIFE IS SUPPOSED to be exciting and surprising. We just don’t see it anymore because we live so attached to our thoughts and expectations, and suffer because of them. UGH its so exhausting..

So, create space inside your brain and let go of expectation.

Life is magic, it really is. But it will only show you its magic if you are willing to see it and give everything for it. You have to make a commitment to squeeze all the juice out of it.

When we are willing to let go of our neediness, we will start to see life as it is: beautiful.

When we let go of perfectionism, we will then realize that everyone is perfect. There are teachers everywhere disguised as lovers, coworkers, friends, family, enemies, and if we are willing to empty our own ideas and preconceptions, we will let them teach us.

Drop all resistance and trust the magic and intelligence that comes with every difficult situation.

Come on, and bring it on!

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Photos: Alexander Neumann