There’s a whole spectrum of colors in our heads that we ought to start using.

I’m wearing this chuyo (Peruvian hat) to emphasize the spectrum of colors that exist in  our minds; the potential that exists inside ourselves to see reality through different colored filters. There is an infinite number of ways we can experience life; different lenses that we can look through to color our experiences. Ultimately our minds have the power to create our reality, that is, to color EVERYTHING. Which means we have a choice to make experiences what we want them to be. Mind-blowing right? Like you can have the life you dreamed of, if you start to look with the right pair of glasses. We have the power to choose HOW we view our experiences, which ultimately gives us the power to choose how we want to do life. It depends on what hue you’re coloring this moment with.


2016_02112016-175-3 However, we tend to live in black and white, good or bad;  we try to seek pleasure and avoid pain at all costs. We just want to be comfortable so we live in the push and pull of desire for pleasure and avoidance of pain; we limit ourselves to live in two shades of color, and we MISS everything else. We miss all the color and potential that exists in between. When you stop fearing pain, stop attaching yourself to pleasure and comfort, and are willing to go through the challenging stuff and what brings you to your edge, then all of a sudden life starts to show you new colors. They are actually not new; these colors were always there, but we just didn’t have the right glasses to see them.  Then all of a sudden moments begin to shine and you can see things in ways you’ve never seen them before.Let’s not get trapped in the black and white; lets not get so fixated with duality. A life dedicated only to find pleasure and avoid pain ends up being a flat, uninteresting COMFORTABLE one. 

Another reason why I’m wearing many colors on my head is to show the many directions the mind can go, and how we can always CHOOSE that direction. There’s an infinite number of thoughts passing through our heads every moment, but it’s up to us whether we choose to engage with any specific one. I picture all the thoughts that cross my mind like little closed envelopes floating in front of me, but it’s up to me whether I choose to stop and open any particular envelope and read the letter; it’s up to me whether I choose to make that thought MINE and part of me.


We are bombarded by mind stuff all the time; so many thoughts running through our minds that drive us crazy and create a chaotic state of being. But we have the choice to either listen to the scattered mess of our outer and inner world, or to sit grounded in the center of the revolving chaos, and just watch it all go by without infecting us. You don’t have to engage with everything that crosses your mind; in fact, DON’T!  There’s too many thoughts, and too many ways your mind wants to trick you into not being happy, not being grateful, into worrying, and fearing the future.

2016_02112016-2The moment we engage with a thought, it becomes part of us and starts to dictate our emotions, which then color up our life and define how we perceive this moment.  So STOP them, and choose them wisely. You have the choice to either let a thought in or not, you have the choice to say no to your mind, control it and re-direct it towards what will help us live a more fearless life. 

Choose your thoughts. Let them support you, and when the mind wants to take you over the edge with a sharp dangerous thought, bring her back, back to the center. Back to balance. Back to this moment, and away from imagining what could happen if we believe that thought as true. We create our truths. We decide to believe or not believe what our mind is constantly shooting at us.

When the mind wants to throw you off, bring her back to the center, to a state of non-attachment and clarity; to an unbiased position.


Yes, like a child, we have to control the mind from spinning out of control. We have to tame the mind, and we have to show her how we want to live, and how we want to think. We have to tell her to relax, and let her know that she can’t control everything. We have to let her rest and come back into the body, and into the present moment. We basically have to shut her up. If not, she will go up and down left and right and every direction in between, creating chaos and confusion, stressing us out and pulling us out of life, out of the present moment. 2016_02112016-442016_02112016-200It’s important that in the midst of options of good and bad, and bright and dark, we are able to remain in the center and in the middle. That we are able to stand and ground ourselves in the space in between our thoughts, and on the bridge that holds two different thoughts together. Let’s become that bridge and stand in the empty space of possibility. 

2016_02112016-136-2It really comes down to how you want to see this moment.


And whether or not you decide to be grateful for what it is, as it is. 


And whether you choose play around with reality, without taking yourself or your thoughts so seriously. Play with your thoughts, and don’t let them own you; play with viewing the same experience under many different lights.

When you start to see the world in colorful tones, then the world becomes colorful.

You infuse it with color.

Every moment is empty, so it’s a matter of whether you’re able to fill it up with your own light and life. Choose your colors and USE them.

Go about life with radiance, grounded and sure of who you are and what you like. Seek for color everywhere: in people, places, foods, and challenging situations.

Things change. Life is a constant process of change. Don’t get discouraged when things don’t turn out the way you expected them to. Love change and understand that change will always happen on the realm of the body/mind, but that there is stability in your soul realm. Surrender to change and allow the great forces to move through you without resistance.

2016_02112016-107-2Photos: Sandra Arenas