The colder winds are coming in and with them, the sugar cravings… am I right?

Suddenly late afternoon and nights are screaming for ice cream, chocolate, cookies, muffins.. But why? Why is this?


First of all, our taste buds are designed to crave SWEETNESS. Yes, we need sweetness in our life, period…but it’s not as simple as: “well, mi tastebuds like sweet, then pastries must be good for me”. We have spoiled and poorly trained our tastebuds from years of poor food choices and habits. Our taste buds should be pleased and happy if we would just give them the subtle sweetness of beets, carrots and apples, but no unfortunately we’ve given them crack (refined sugar) for way too long and now we just want the tootsies, the cookies and the muffins. We have to become aware that there exists different degrees to sweetness, and that we ought to re-train our taste buds so that they start to get pleasure from more natural sources of sweetness. The only way to do this is by ADDING more sweet vegetables into your diet: beets, carrots, cooked onions, fennel, root vegetables, apples, etc, and slowly you’ll see how the “sugar-crack craving” will start to dissipate.


The beauty about juicing is that you get a shot of vitamins and minerals that are able to work together in synergy to provide the body with the nutrition it needs.


2015_09252015-159Most humans are Magnesium and Vitamin C deficient, and a lot are Vitamin B and Vitamin E deficient. Sugar cravings are specifically related with chromium and vanadium, both trace minerals that have been shown to be essential for normal glucose metabolism. That said, I don’t expect you to go to Whole Foods or the Vitamin Shoppe right now and buy any supplements, no. The best way to obtain vitamins and minerals is through food, especially through plant based sources like fruits and vegetables. Cold pressed juice is the best way to obtain the most nutrition out of root vegetables and leafy greens because you are getting the pure extraction of the juice without the fiber. Of course, if you drink vegetable juice in the morning you should also be adding enough fiber throughout the day from other sources like whole grains, nuts and seeds, and other vegetables.

Remember that no vitamin or mineral is an island, and they coexist and work together to be able to get absorbed, and used efficiently by the body.  THIS is the real reason why I don’t recommend supplements since nature offers the exact amounts and proportions of the vitamin-mineral combinations that we need! Isn’t that cool?

2015_09252015-420Mother’s milk is sweet. Just by saying this, one can automatically realize that sweetness comes all in one pack with mother’s love, comfort, coziness, safety, happiness and bliss. We have a natural tendency to like sweet from deep memories that are buried and ingrained in our unconscious, our cells, and our DNA. The problem is that we get it all confused, and our instinctual desire for love, comfort and pleasure gets all mixed up with our desire for sweets, and all our inner circuits get all tangled up, and we ultimately reach for the sweets which give us an immediate high, but then.. uh-oh a way worse low. And then the cycle continues and we want more sweets, but truly it’s not that chocolate croissant what we really want! We want inner warmth and peace. Our brain is like, hey if you can’t find love, then just go for the food!

Coca-cola creates mood swings.We know that. Sugar creates mood swings, we know that. But it has nothing to do with the Coca-cola or the sugar, really. The real question is: what is it in your life that made the choice to get habituated to drink coca cola every day?

Become your own mother’s hug and cozy embrace

As cheesy as it may sound to you, we HAVE to start thinking in terms of love, warmth, and inner embrace. As humans we seek love and emotional warmth and comfort everywhere, and until we don’t attend to that, our sweet cravings won’t fade.  Ask yourself: how can I get more love into my life? How can I start to process my emotions without going straight away to the quick sugar fix? What do I want? What do I truly desire deep inside? What are my wildest dreams? Until we don’t start to tap into our desires and start AT LEAST acknowledging them, then our desires will keep hunting us down asking us for chocolate.

2015_09252015-220The body has a unique language. It speaks to us through cravings, symptoms, disease, unwanted habits, unwanted behaviors, through discomforts and also, thank God, through its pleasures, glorious experiences of warmth and nourishment and ecstasy. We have to start listening. So, start journaling! See what’s really happening inside. Experiment with life, and be honest and real with yourself.

What’ s the first thing you should be doing if you have sugar cravings?

ADDING NATURAL SWEET FOODS THROUGHOUT THE DAY. We have to put more emphasis, especially with the winter coming, on eating root vegetables. At first they won’t do it and you will still want the white powdered sugary stuff, but slowly, if you start adding them everyday, you’ll realize that soon enough you will start craving beet juice at 4pm.

I really love beets and beet juice, so I made this very simple FALL juice that I would love to share with you:


  • 3 Beets
  • 2 Honeycrips Apples
  • 1 Fennel Bulb
  • 1 inch ginger





One more thing I’d like to comment on is on high protein diets, and their effect on sugar cravings. High protein diets are very CONTRACTIVE to the body. In Chinese Medicine, they would call them to be very YANG. We need balance, and so we need YIN as well. Carbohydrates and the sweet flavor are considered YIN.  If we are only eating animal protein and leafy greens, without including whole grains and sweet vegetables during the day, then at night we will go through the whole fridge and all the cabinets searching for sweets. We need the expansive quality and the relaxation that whole grains and sweetness offer us. High protein diets make us feel very contracted, stressed, and tight; the internal environment where love and sweetness can’t fit. So relax, and add some NATURAL HEALTHY SWEET during the day, so that at night you don’t blindly finish the ice cream pint. 

Having a stable blood sugar balance is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to keep ourselves centered, calm and at ease. Unstable sugar levels make us feel anxious, uneasy, irritable, and our hands and feet get cold. We have to get used to eating regular meals, making sure to eat at the same times every day. Spending too many hours at work without eating, (especially in the late afternoon) is a real mistake because by the moment we realize we are hungry, we actually have low blood sugar, and this will make us reach for quick fix which usually translated to sugar. Low blood sugar is the quickest way to get ourselves off balance and find satisfaction only in food.

LESSON? Eat natural sweet foods during the day like root vegetables, and don’t go for too long without food during the afternoon because then the night cravings will kick in HARD.




The amazing jewelry I’m wearing is from BE GOLDISH

Photos by Sandra Arenas