Good news.

In fact, don’t ever try to hold your balance, since you’re bound to lose it.

When we try to hold, we crunch, we tighten, we shrink down, our muscles cramp, we become stiff, so stiff that we become numb and then we can’t feel and we can’t see and we can’t hear. And we miss what’s available right in front of us, right now.

When you try to hold something, there is resistance. You’re holding it because of fear that it will escape, go somewhere else, or slip out.

We spend so much time and energy trying to hold, protect, save, measure, make sure we don’t loose it/him/her/that. We hold on to our relationships in fear that we will loose that person, we hold on to things, to jobs, to haircuts, we hold on to anything we fear we might lose.



We think that if  we can keep our lives from spinning out of control, then finally we’ll achieve that peace and contentment we so long for. However, we miss the simple fact that letting go of control is the only way to keep our lives within control.

We become stuck in trying to maintain what we think  balance looks like. So we try to control our appetite with bland, lifeless, restrictive diets, and we try to control our body’s shape with repetitive boring stressful physical exercise routines. We stick to our jobs which are barely bearable, and we hold on to the same people and relationships that we know won’t make us any better or take us any further. We become identified with our dramas and hold them so preciously close to our hearts; we relish and indulge in them and we talk about them and re-live them over and over again, making them bigger and bigger because… who would we be without them? We fear ourselves, we fear our power and potential.

We don’t realize that it is exactly that CONTROL that we try to exert over our lives,  what motivates us to ultimately hide, diminish, separate, and sabotage ourselves.

In a forearm stand like in life, you are trying to rise up and out of the need to control, to hold. You push yourself up, above the whirlpool of dramas that keep you stuck in conventional life, in order to find magic up there.

The way one finds balance in life is the same way one finds balance in forearm stand.



Building a steady base in life, like in forearm stand, is about using the knowledge and resources you have now: knowing how to place your arms in good alignment in relationship to the floor to prepare for forearm stand. Once you have a steady base and your gaze is focused, you rise up. But, if you are JUST concerned about the base, if you are just focused on getting your arms in the perfect alignment and get obsessed with controlling how the base should look like, then you will never be able to rise up.

Rising up means risking a little, being playful, juggling with the fear, feeling the nervousness, feeling the excitement and the unease, feeling it all and still deciding to reach up.  The movement is up; the pull is up.


Like in headstand, the real balance happens up there, not down here clenching your jaw fists knuckles and smashing your head against the floor. You can only feel the bliss and ecstasy of the pose once you set your mind to reach up.

In other words, if you just stay stuck to the base, you won’t experience the greatness of who you are. There is sense of lightness and equanimity of mind that comes from rising and balancing up there.


When we turn upside down, our perspective of things shift. Inversions literally turn our world around so that we can see things from a different angle. They give us the opportunity to change and to let go of our old ways and perceptions, in order to have new and fresh ones. sandraarenas73

It’s easy to make our lives all about surviving the obstacles that we ourselves put up for ourselves for a lack of knowing any better of who we are or can be. We created self imposed routines that lack excitement and emotion:wake up, work out,  go to work, eat, drink, sleep, repeat. Our minds just replay our past over again, we juggle the same old stuff that keeps us feeling small and thinking we can only be that which we have been, seen, or felt already.

This is why we need to rise up into balance to get our freedom back, and release ourselves from the burden of having to CONTROL and DO life.


Finding strength and balance comes from having a higher reference point inside. It is ultimately about reaching that space inside yourself of ease, tranquility, spaciousness.. and perhaps, magic. We can use the outer form, our bodies, to get us into these weird shapes, but the real bliss comes ultimately from rising into that point inside ourselves.