The cold has started to creep in, and summer is officially over in New York– and I wish I could put the crying desperate emoji right here.

And that’s exactly my point.

We like to cling to the good moments– to summer for example. We remember the warm weather, the people we met, the openness with which we used to greet every sunny morning. Now it’s over and unconsciously (or consciously) we just wish we could hold on to it a bit longer, and so we clench our fists tight to keep the fleeting warmth from escaping our hands.

Truth is, we do this clenching fist game quite a lot in our lives– not only with summer. We meet someone great and wish we could keep him/her forever, we have a good day and wish ALL days would be the same, we get good news and wish everything was always good news. That is, when things are going well, we want to freeze those moments, hold them in our hands, close our fists, and never let them go.

This summer my butterfly wings have taught me something different (I found them in an amazing shop in Ibiza).  Butterflies don’t have hands, they have wings- duh, and so they don’t grab onto things like we do. They go through change and allow change to happen through them. They fly to meet new experiences and new moments. This is my lesson, and I hope I can transfer it to you now: Don’t try to hold on, just keep going, keep moving, keep an elevated intention and keep flying towards it.  And just as you take every moment in, let it go.

If you keep yourself open, and trust that your life will keep bringing interesting situations and new lovely people, then you can allow yourself the luxury to live without clinginess, without neediness, and without misery.

OSHO says: Misery arises because we don´t allow change to happen. We want things to be static. We fear that in entering the unknown we will fall and fail. And so we decide to control our lives and the people in it, and we create false illusions and projections based on our experience of the past, without letting ourselves fully take in what is here right now in front of us.

A man/woman of awareness knows that life is constantly changing. Life is change. There is only one thing permanent, and that is change. Except change, everything else changes. Our bodies change, our diets change, and our workout routine may change too–and all of that’s good! It’s about staying up do date with yourself, and your inner shifts. To accept this nature of life, to accept this changing existence with all its seasons and moods, this constant flow that never stops for a single moment, is to be blissful. Then nobody can disturb your bliss.

It is your hankering for permanency that creates troubles for you. If you want to live in a life with no change – you are asking the impossible.

Video by Ben Zion

People, afraid of getting into fearful situations, arrange a life of no change. Everything remains the same and a person follows a dead routine, completely oblivious that life is a flux.

What you call a convenient and comfortable life is nothing but a subtle grave. So when you start changing, when you start on the journey of inner space, and everything changes so fast, then every moment trembles with fear. So more and more fear has to be faced.

Let it be there, the fear. By and by you will start enjoying the changes so much that you will be ready at any cost. Change will give you vitality…more aliveness, zest, energy. Then you will not be like a pond…closed from everywhere, not moving. You will become like a river flowing towards the unknown, and towards the ocean where the river becomes lost.

Nothing is permanent. It is not within your hands to make anything permanent. Only dead things can be permanent. The more living a thing is, the more fleeting. – OSHO


So remember the summer heat (without dwelling on it), let it fuel you, and ROCK ON this winter.  There’s so many EVEN BETTER things to come!img_5051-2