This week we started with dessert first: with a super-superfoody-Super-Bananas recipe that Emica taught me how to make.I’ve given you the sweet, light, and easy part first, so that now we can dive into the main course and touch upon some chunky eating psychology connections.


Dessert (especially if there’s chocolate involved) is all about enjoyment, pleasure, and satisfaction. It is usually a smaller portion than the main course because it is intended to give us more pleasure with having to eat less of it, mainly due to its high sugar and fat content. It’s a concentrated shot of ecstasy for our taste buds, and after having a few bites we’re usually satisfied. But that’s not always the case, and I think we all have gone through the experience of having the first bite of a chocolate bar, and then all of a sudden finishing the whole thing.  


Remember my post on never being able to have ENOUGH of the good stuff?  Of always being in a hurry to have more because we don’t ever go deep enough into the awesomeness of what we have now? Of how we are in a rush to have more money, more beauty, more success, more shoes, more trips, more clothes, more love, more food, more, more, and more… and how we’ve become needy people because we don’t realize what we have on our plate, literally and metaphorically?

When we experience something wonderful, instead of sitting with it and really savoring it, we think that we need more of it and for a longer period of time; we want to hold on to it and hope there’s more. But it’s not even a positive passive kind of hope, it’s an anxious if-I-don’t-have-it-all-I’ll-be-left-with-nothing kind of hope. So we no longer feel fulfilled by the wonderful moment we’re experiencing because we’re already stressing about when and how we’ll be able to have more of it in the future. Needy people are people that live in fear that life will not provide enough, and are not even open to let the actual good things come in and settle inside. 

It’s hard to be fully present in the good moments (without asking for more or for what’s coming next) because we want the good things to always be good and stay the same. But unfortunately, we can’t control that because life has its own fantastic way of shifting, changing and transforming; seasons come and go, and everything is in a constant state of motion.

IMG_1146-2This happens with chocolate too. You take the first bite, and then all of a sudden you finish the whole bar. And then of course you know the feeling of being sick from overeating, which is simply the body talking to us through symptom; it’s life nudging at us saying “hey, you overdid it. You weren’t aware, and you blindly ate. You were so excited about the idea of that first bite being so good, that you missed the experience of its actual goodness and only rushed for more. You didn’t pause and fully experience the pleasure and satisfaction from it; you were in your head and not in your body; you were in your head, and not in this moment.

But what if you could be satisfied with that first bite? What if you could fill up all your senses so much with that first square, that you didn’t have to eat anything else? And better yet, what if after that first bite, you could go about your day or your night feeling that same sweetness in everything else that you do ? What if you could take the first feeling that chocolate provoked in you, and carry it through every moment in your life? What if you were able to capture the feeling of how that first bite makes you feel and as a result you simply don’t have to eat as much because the feeling of sweetness and pleasure is already integrated in you? What if you could carry the euphoria (and increase in serotonin levels) that chocolate produces in your body and transfer it consciously into your mind and into your heart? 

Why don’t we just remove the underlying passive anxiety and fear of not being enough or having enough, and INSTEAD we focus our attention on taking this moment and using the experience we are having right now to fill us up? Why don’t we SAVOR this moment so much, so that next one is guaranteed to be as blissful as this one, or even better? Why don’t we create the ideal internal environment for ourselves so that every moment that follows this one, will have the same light, the same joy and an even greater level of awareness?

It would be great if we could just do all of that, but the problem is that in the modern world that we live in today, we suffer from some version of ADD and mental restlessness/paranoia that prevents us from being able to SIT still with anything, and instead we reach for stimulants like chocolate, coffee or alcohol which only make the lack of awareness worse. We are constantly shifting, fidgeting, looking at our phones, and searching for distraction. We have a big resistance to fully be in this moment with full conscious clarity, so we just keep dispersing and distracting ourselves with external stimuli. Addictions with food happen in great part because we are not able to fully experience the pleasure of food in the moment we are eating it.

IMG_1120-4I think it’s important to realize that the world will always give us an excuse to get lost in a distraction of some sort, and it’s up to us whether or not we make the choice to elevate our awareness and DIRECT our attention and intentions towards the way we really want to feel, and what we want to do with every moment and every day of our precious lives.

The world has dulled down our edges by distracting us and taking us far away from our center, so let’s get them sharp again.

Weaning yourself off sugar has to do with being able to get more sweetness into your life right now and allow that sweetness to fully enter.

The key is to find the quality of fulfillment in every moment. It’s not easy, and I know it’s way easier to just go for the chocolate, the coffee or the glass of wine. But try it out and see where it takes you. Pause, breathe, and send your awareness to your heart, and rest your mind there for a little bit. Breathe in gratitude just for being right here right now.

The way to guarantee fulfillment in the future is by living this moment fully; then you will know that the next one will be as good or even better. 

The only way we can be certain of whether or not the future will be bright is a matter of how much pleasure, how much satisfaction, how much light, and how much love we can feel for ourselves right here right now. If we are able to get filled up by this moment, then we can be sure that the next moment and the one after will be just as good or even better.



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