I’ve been talking about activated charcoal and what a good detox aid it is.

But even before we get into supplements and detoxing herbs its important to recognize one thing: What do we really need to detox from in life? What do we really need less of? Of course we eat too much and drink too much and perhaps even smoke and do drugs, but at the end of the day these are just externalities that happen as a result of internal triggers.

I think that the real things we need to detox from are our own toxic thoughts and beliefs. We’ve got to get rid of the toxic mind chatter, of the negative diminishing thoughts that go through our minds every day.

The most poisonous and toxic stuff is what we carry in our minds: the fear, the jealousy, the anger, the thoughts of I’m not good enough, I need to be better,  I need to do more or I’ll never get what I want; all of THAT is toxic. The idea of having to be perfect is one of the most annihilating and paralyzing things there is in life . Perfectionism kills creativity. When you try to focus only on one thing and become obsessed about it being perfect you lose sight of all the rest of things that are happening, and you lose your ability to remain open and available to things. Life is multidimensional and not one long straight line; its not rigid or exact. It’s curvy and it goes in circles..it goes and comes back and plays around. When we try to straighten everything out, and we try to iron everything flat, we miss the opportunity of living an exciting reality; a beautiful state of being.

What toxic thoughts are you playing on repeat in your mind day in and day out?’

We have to control our mind, so that we can direct it to light, clear, and more elevated pathways, instead of letting it drive us into a fog of dirt and confusion . We have to watch our minds, just like we would watch young kid around sharp objects; we have to become vigilant so that it doesn’t just drift off in an endless maze of thoughts rooted in fear.  Instead, lets rewire our mind circuits towards more exciting and joyful possibilities. We have to be our own activated charcoal detox aid and ADSORB the toxic thoughts, so that we can flush them out of our psychological and emotional system.

final imp (1 de 20)

Before becoming so concerned about cutting out sugar, dairy and gluten from our diet, I think it’s really important to detox from the mind chatter of the cold, mean, devouring, poisonous, diminishing, annihilating characteristics in us. THOSE are the real deadly poisons that will eventually kill us inside.

~ V I C T I M I Z A T I O N

I think that the reason why we stick to the negative, critical aspects of ourselves is because in a way they enable us to feel justified in our sense of righteousness for feeling victimized and resentful. We also try to project the negative critical aspects of ourselves onto other people (lovers, relatives, bosses and institutions) and in doing this we actually give them tremendous power over our lives.  Truth is doing that only disempowers us and makes us lose our ability to deal with people and situations effectively.

Thoughts materialize themselves into words and then not only are we intoxicated, but we start intoxicating others and like that we all end up living in a poisonous cloud of negativity and heaviness.

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~ P A R A L Y S I S

Negative thoughts of self doubt, insecurity, and fear also paralyze us. All of a sudden we become petrified when it comes to pursuing our own life with a sense of authenticity and security grounded in our own abilities. This paralysis numbs our capacities to be productive, energetic, creative, independent, and confrontational in any possible way. When we feel paralyzed, we unconsciously try to heal ourselves by seeking a someone else (a friend, partner,relative)— who will always be understanding and supportive. But that’s not the solution; we have to become loving, understanding and supportive of our own SELVES. We have to show up for our lives now, and get rid of whatever is intoxicating our inner environment.

Open yourself to life, soften up, loosen your body, loosen the mind, and let experiences and other people happen to you. Don’t try to control and move everything around the way you think it should be moved and maneuvered. Be endlessly fascinated by life and to what is happening around you.

~ A     T I P 

The soul needs an inner hold and it wins it by concentrating on breathing. This can be performed consciously by simply breathing in and breathing out in a relaxed way through the nose. The more one concentrates on breathing, the more the external stimuli start to fade away into the background.

Detox Meditation 

Sitting in a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Inhale and exhale saying the mantra inhaleLET , exhaleGO.  You can even add this: inhale LET , exhaleGO OF ANGER JEALOUSY AND FEAR. Let go of anger jealousy and fear!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of clarity and excitement.

Hugs from Brooklyn, NY!

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